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Leave your stress of your tax return in Fortitude Valley to the tax agents at Lee and Associates. 

Lee and Associates invites you for smart management of your tax return in Fortitude Valley.


What is a tax return?

A tax return is a formal document that reports an entity’s income and personal circumstances for tax purposes to the relevant authorities, i.e. the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). A tax return allows a taxpayer to calculate their tax liabilities, make payments and get refunds if required.


Who needs to file a income Tax Return in Fortitude Valley?

Every individual with a certain specified income has to file their tax return. Filing a tax return requires filling out a form and attaching a set of supporting documents. A lot of people have difficulty in calculating their required tax return because the amount depends on  a variety of factors such as age, kind of income (exempt/non- exempt), marital status and other similar circumstances that the general public is unaware of.

An accurate calculation of the amount of tax payable is important for two reasons:

  1. Filing tax returns is a legal obligation
  2. It affects an individual’s income or a business entity’s profit.


What we offer:

Lee and Associates help you file your tax return. We help you take advantage of favourable tax regulations while keeping you tax compliant and your expenses at an optimum level. We provide services for the following:

Individual Tax Returns: whether you are a senior citizen or career professional, we can help you put your tax related matters in order.

Business Taxation and Accounting: We provide a host of accountancy services such as bookkeeping and  payroll management.  Furthermore, it is important for businesses to file their tax return periodically as required by the ATO.


Why Choose Us:

  • We help you in planning your tax returns
  • We offer a personlised and flexible service with a fast turnaround time
  • We have the technical expertise and experience of working with a wide variety of enterprises.


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