The Best Tax Accountants Near Newstead: Lee and Associates

There are several factors to consider when choosing Newstead tax accountants. Obviously, the most important factor is whether they have the experience and skill to get the job done right. Lee and Associates Accountants have many years of experience working for Big 4 accounting firms. We have handled the tax affairs of large companies and property investors and are very experienced with complex tax issues. We bring all the experience and sophistication of those large firms while developing close relationships with our clients. You get all the advantages of the large companies without paying for all the overheads.

Our tax accountants in Newstead will meet with you at hours that are convenient to your busy schedule, we offer evening and weekend appointments, and your first consultation is free. Our service fees are transparent, and there are never any hidden charges. You need to trust your tax accountant in Newstead, not feel that they are out for themselves. We always put the interests of our client first and will act in your best interest always.

Are You Fully Utilising Your Tax Accountants in Newstead?

We handle both business and personal tax accounting. You have worked too hard to build your business to pay more than your fair share of taxes. We can help you minimise your tax liability and give you advice on how to avoid situations that will cause unnecessary tax burdens in the future. Many business owners utilise their Newstead tax accountants merely to prepare their tax documents. While they may complain about their tax burden, they are forced to pay what they owe at the end of the fiscal period. We feel that a more collaborative approach is beneficial.

Our tax accountants in Newstead will probe how your business operates and what actions you can take that will have favourable tax consequences. Many business owners do not fully understand the tax consequences of buying or renting their business property. Depending on your business, there may be advantages or disadvantages to buying versus renting equipment or vehicles. Our tax accountants in Newstead can fully explain the concept of depreciation and certain tax incentives that may be available to invest in equipment.

You Should Discuss Your Retirement Plans with Our Tax Accountant in Newstead

You should also discuss retirement plans and investments with our tax accountant in Newstead. There may be some plans that can reduce your tax liability today while allowing you to put away money for your retirement. There are many different types of employer/owner retirement plans, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. They also have differing impacts upon the tax impact to the employees and the business owner. We can advise you on which plan may be best for your business based upon your circumstances.

Personal attention is what you should expect from your Newstead tax accountants. We strive to develop this kind of relationship with all our clients, no matter how big or small your business.