Find Experienced Tax Accountants in New Farm

It’s a need for compliance – with every statement demanding proper preparation, documentation, and lodgement. The process is a complicated one, and your company struggles to balance both profits and deductibles. Trying to conform to the ATO’s (many) rules leaves your systems strained and your patience frayed. You need help.

Lee and Associates seek to provide that help. As the premier tax accountants in New Farm, we recognise that complying with ATO regulations is a challenge. To counter that challenge, we deliver a series of bespoke services, accommodating every lodgement need. Our team (boasting more than 50 years of accounting and self-managed superannuation experience) tailors every strategy to corporations, small businesses, and every venture in between. Allow us to do the same for you now. Contact us today to request a free consultation.

Choosing New Farm Tax Accountants: Our Bespoke Services

Adaptability defines us, with each tax accountant in New Farm striving to provide individualised solutions for every client. We emphasise the need for (and the value of) custom preparation and auditing plans, ensuring that every organisation adheres to ATO standards. Our services include:

  • Preparation and Lodgement – our tax accountants in New Farm can quickly identify the best solutions for individuals and companies alike, offering full lodgement facilities for all returns.
  • Bookkeeping – to ensure that all data is properly documented, we boast extensive bookkeeping services, conforming to Xero, Saasu, QuickBooks, and MYOB for fast in-house assessments.
    Auditing – our New Farm tax accountants deliver corporate auditing services, enabling our clients to identify ATO concerns and providing solutions for those concerns.
  • Fund Establishments and Management – the process of creating (and managing) trusts, super-funds, and other corporate accounts is no simple task. We connect our clients to comprehensive lodgement services, helping them navigate all compliance demands.
  • Cash-flow Management – every dollar must be carefully applied, with profits divided and budgets maintained. Let a tax accountant in New Farm establish proper management strategies, forecasting annual and seasonal cash-flow patterns and creating custom financial plans to ensure smart spending.

With each of these services, our tax accountants in New Farm provide clients with the personalised support they deserve – piecing together strategies that best reflect their particular lodgement needs. They pair dedication with experience to optimise every return.

Offering a Promise of Communication with Every Appointment

Our clients require more than sterling service. They also need constant communication, with every question demanding an answer and every concern requiring a solution. They always seek to engage with our team.

We ensure that this engagement is positive and proactive, with our tax accountants in New Farm boasting multi-lingual capabilities. We fuse our industry experience with a variety of languages (including Mandarin, Korean, Cantonese, and Indonesian) to promote full transparency and understanding. The need for communication is imperative, and we always strive to provide an inclusive environment.

Struggling with ATO compliance? Schedule a consultation with our New Farm tax accountants today via our online form. We’ll respond to every enquiry within 24 hours and will gladly answer any questions or comments.