Develop a Relationship with Your Tax Accountants in Fortitude Valley

There is a striking contrast between a routine visit to Lee and Associates Accountants, your tax accountant in Fortitude Valley, and a visit to a large accounting firm. When you step into the opulent offices of the Big 4 Firms, you often are seated in a large waiting area with other business owners like yourself. Invariably, someone looks around and makes a comment “Someone’s paying for all this!” and your response is usually “Yeah, Us!” You then meet with some junior associate who doesn’t seem to know too much about your file, who spends more time shuffling papers and looking at his watch than looking at you or addressing your questions.

The fact that he or she continuously mispronounces your name doesn’t help. You get some of your questions answered and leave somewhat satisfied that the remaining answers will be forthcoming in a telephone call in a few days. About a week later you get an astronomical bill that includes many office conferences between that young associate and the more senior partner in the firm who was the tax accountant you hired in the first place.

Contrast that experience with a visit to your Fortitude Valley tax accountants, Lee and Associates. You are met by the friendly office staff who is a familiar face. You then meet with a long-time tax accountant in Fortitude Valley who immediately asks you about business developments and what events have occurred since you last met. He or she answers all your questions and is very familiar with your business, having worked with you and provided personalised expert advice since the first day you walked through the door. You cherish this relationship and feel that you would not be as successful as you are without their help. You are glad that your tax accountants in Fortitude Valley are trusted advisors and confidants, not just paper pushers gouging you with their fees.

The Result of the Personal Relationship with Your Tax Accountant

This personal relationship makes the exchange of information and ideas more useful and open. You get the most out of your Fortitude Valley tax accountants when you ask questions and consider tax implications before you undertake certain actions, rather than just suffering the tax consequences after the fact. When it comes time to file your tax documents, often, you owe what you owe. However, during the fiscal period, you can time certain activities and undertake various expenses at times when they have the greatest positive tax impact upon your business. This strategy is far easier to manage when you have a personal relationship with your tax accountants in Fortitude Valley. Don’t just have your tax accountant tell you how much you owe in taxes, have them help you avoid owing too much in the first place.

Don’t Be Just Another Number to your Tax Accountants in Fortitude Valley

Contact us to take advantage of tax accountants in Fortitude Valley that take pride in providing this essential personalised service. As the leading Fortitude Valley tax accountants, we deal with plenty of numbers, but we won’t treat you like one of them.