Brisbane Property Accountant

Make Your Rental Property More Profitable, with the Assistance of a Property Accountant in Brisbane

Owning and managing a rental property (or several rentals) is a business. As with any other business, it should be your goal with rental properties to minimise your tax burden so you can maximise your profit margins. However, many first-time property investors—even though who have owned businesses in the past and mastered the art of tax deductions and write-offs—aren’t sure where to start in reducing taxes for their rental properties.

Enter Lee and Associates Accountants. We are an accounting firm based in Brisbane that offers services in a range of different categories—ranging from small business taxation to Self-Managed Superannuation Funds. We also consider ourselves as property accountants, though, and would be happy to sit down with you and discuss your options for minimising the taxes around your rental properties.

How We Can Help You with Property Matters

Why should you choose Lee and Associates Accountants as your property accountant in Brisbane? First, choose us because we have been in your situation before. Several members of our team are property investors, which means that we know what it’s like to own properties, manage renters, and look for tax breaks.

There are a lot of different steps you can take to minimise your tax burden when it comes to rental property holdings. There are deductions you can take to pay less in taxes each year. There are tactics you can use to maximise capital gains tax on properties you sell. There are guidelines you can follow to find and buy properties that are ideally suited to your tax position and cash flow. All these strategies can help you make more money from your real estate investments while protecting your financial security and complying with all tax laws.

If you are just starting to get into the property investment game, you might not necessarily be familiar with all (or any) of these strategies. Many first-time investors aren’t sure how to find properties that are appropriate for their finances, how to claim rental property deductions or how to keep detailed books for their property investments. As Brisbane property accountants, Lee and Associates can help teach you all these tactics and techniques, so that you become a more successful real investor in a shorter period.

Start Your Real Estate Investing Plans off on the Right Note: Call Lee and Associates to Schedule an Appointment with One of Our Property Accountants

Often, clients will come to Lee and Associates Accountants because they want to learn how to increase their profit margins for rental property investments. In many cases, though, we can provide an even higher level of assistance, helping clients learn the ropes of property investing so that they don’t get in over their heads. Simply put, we give you the tools to succeed.

Are you ready to start buying properties for investment purposes? Alternatively, do you already have one or two rental properties that you want to make more profitable? Either way, meeting with an experienced and knowledgeable property accountant in Brisbane is a worthwhile use of your time. To schedule a consultation with Lee and Associates Accountants, dial (07) 3105 2843 today.